Monday, April 7, 2008

A Special Project – Orphaned Kids Raising Orphaned Cats

Our children and their beloved cat “Mimouche” at OI Haiti.

A cat named “Kitten” and our kids at OI Sulawesi, Manado.

Much like the cats that have touched my own life, abandoned cats around the world are doing the same everyday for hundreds of orphaned children. Our children value the company their cats bring and appreciate their different characteristics. They learn that cats are not all the same. Above all, they connect to creatures who, like themselves, were alone and adrift in the world.

At OI Sulawesi, two of our children found a cat and named it “Kitten.” In Haiti, the children have adopted a cat and named him “Mimouche”. In their societies, cats roam the streets where they are never taken care of and constantly reproduce. The Artemis Project, a New York-based animal rescue society, has made a generous contribution to OI to cover pet care expenses.

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notahobby said...

wonderful news about the cats. I visit Haiti often and always worry about the cats I see. Keep up the good work!