Monday, April 14, 2008

A Letter from Wirda

Dear Sponsors,

I’m so happy staying here because the children are very kind. Here, we learn how to do the duties which are given to us like sweep the flour, wash the dishes, our clothes, etc. I’m happy because there is still someone who wants to help me and my friends to have a better education. Every morning me and the girls sweep the back yard, in the evening we water the flowers and other plants. Since I came here, I have two roommates, Rahmi and Dina. They are my friends who always make me happy, and I also am happy for having a houseparent that is always taking care of all of us.

Wirda writes: “I also am happy for having a
houseparent that is always taking care of all of us.”

Me, Rahmi and Dina do everything together, like watering the plants, studying, doing homework, reading Qur’an, and before we go to sleep we read other books together. I’ve been given the responsibility to sweep the floor, clean the house, and tidy up things in the cupboard. That is what I do everyday. In school we study for six days and on Monday morning we raise the Indonesian flag. After that we pick-up all the garbage in the front and back yards of our school, and then we continue with sports in the school field.

My favorite school subjects are Art because I like drawing, Moral and Social Education (PPKN), and Religion. In my spare time I like to help my houseparent or reading together with Rahmi and Dina. I like sports like Kasti (Indonesian sport like baseball). We play it in school when we have sport class — and I also like badminton.

I really want to thank all of the people who have a kind heart to help and support me. That is all I want to say and please forgive me if there is something that I wrote wrong. – Wirda

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